Jonas joins the Mizuno family

Last updated - July 2018

I’m Jonas Åberg. I am born and raised in Umeå, Sweden. I have been passionate about sports my entire life. On and off the court I am a very happy and social person. I am very blessed to surround myself with great and helpful people.

I am having a lot of fun playing volleyball, and I am working very hard to realize my dream playing on the World Tour. To really know me, you should know that my family is a big part of who I am. We are a very driven and happy bunch; me, my sister, mother and father.

In addition to playing volleyball, I am working at Codemill as a Designer. Former founder of Evodata. I have had the privilege of working with companies and authorities such as Umeå University, UDK, Bostaden, Sogeti, Rototilt, Fujitsu, CSN, Telenor, Arvato, Sony, Amazon and more.

A Day In The Life

A glimpse of Jonas Åberg's life with a day in his off season workouts and his daily routines.

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Insights from my life on and off the sand. For a more closer insight to my daily stuff check out my stories on instagram or facebook.

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