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CSN - Designing and developing digital products for the new launch.

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Client: CSN
Role: Art Director / Designer

CSN is the authority that manages Swedish student finance, i.e. grants and loans for studies. CSN use both digital and analog channels to deliver on its committment. To advance further into digitalization, I worked on bringing a new customer service platform aswell as a new website. This website set many new standards for how authorities manages content, accessability and how to guide the user through the process.

Mayam Tasks - Widening the range of media workflows.

Client: Mayam
Role: Art Direction / Design
Demo: By request

Mayam is a workflow solution provider focusing on the media industry. The Mayam workflow solution is built to be the backbone of broadcast and new media management systems, but the flexibility of the solution makes it a good fit for a wider range of media workflows as well. A key part in the workflow solution is the product Mayam Tasks, which brings sophisticated task management functions. I worked on bringing this product to life.

Antagning - Designing products for millions of students around the world.

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Client: ITS, UHR,
Role: Art Direction / Design / Process
Demo:, and is the official websites for international students who wish to apply for studies in Sweden. For the new launch of 2020 we have developed new websites as well as improved the digital platform, processes and accessability. I worked on designing the websites along with other services such as illustrations, increasing brand awareness and more. I also worked on managing and developing a new design team and processes on how to develop and further maintain the design work connected to the websites.

Smart Video - Using innovative technology to advance custom video solutions.

Client: Smart Video
Role: Art Direction / Design
Demo: By request

Smart Video is the latest video tech offering from Codemill - an expert that has deployed custom video solutions to global brands like The Guardian and ITV amongst others. I updated the brand identity and designed new illustrations and ads for the new website.

SAVANT - Rethinking the way ads works with contextual advertising.

Client: Savant
Role: Art Direction / Design
Demo: By request 

Savant is a concept from Codemill to explore contextual advertising. I designed a brand identity, ads campaigns and print materials for this proof of concept.

MEPlugins - Building custom products for Servicedesk and Supportcenter platforms.

Client: Mayam
Role: Art Direction / Design
Demo: By request

MEPlugins is a product delivering custom made plugins for SupportCenter and ServiceDesk. I developed the brand identity, designed the website and the products.

Björn Berg - Designing a brand for a sports icon.

Client: Björn Berg
Role: Design
Demo: By request 

Björn Berg is a professional beach volleyball player, and I am happy to help him designing his brand and materials needed for him to go into business selling apparel.

Some of my work are subject to secrecy, this is a select few of my recent works. Find more on dribbble, behance or contact me to see more.

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