Jonas Åberg

Jonas Åberg is a multidisciplinary Designer & Creative Director in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Working at the intersection of digital product design and brand identity, he's had the privilege of influencing products used and loved by millions. These include CSN, Antagning, Sony, Amazon, Fujitsu, Aftonbladet, AKQA, Stena Recycling, Volvo, and more.

Today, he’s the founder and Creative Director of Aberg Media.


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Stena Recycling

I worked with AKQA to help Stena Recycling identify and accelerate new business opportunities. We designed and executed insights to give value to our customers. As a Creative Director, I delivered and oversaw the design. I also helped develop new processes and brand guidelines for the design team.


Volvo Cars

As a Creative Director and Product Designer. I worked with Volvo Cars to create better offers for their customers. I helped oversee the work, delivered design, strategized, and communicated the vision for the cluster of products. I also helped grow the other product teams and participated in workshops that influenced & is the official website to apply to studies in Sweden, helping millions of students realize their dreams every year. As a Creative Director, I was hired to lead, inspire and deliver design for the new redesign. I helped plan and communicate the vision. I also built a design team and established new processes.



As a Product Designer and Creative Director, I help oversee and deliver design. I worked for one year on the new external website Helping CSN through a major rebrand and redesign. I helped establish new design processes and grow the design team. I also helped CSN with accessibility compliance. And initiated a collaboration across many of Sweden's governments.