Umeå, Sweden 1991


Jonas is a designer and art director working since 2012 (although he never believed he worked a day in his life) with a variety of studios and brands. Currently living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Jonas has always been interested in technology. He has worked as an it technician, developer and project leader. Throughout his career, he naturally grew into design and focuses on branding and interactive design, he always tries to keep a multi-disciplinary approach on of all his projects.

To his parents joy, Jonas founded Evodata in his garage with his friends. This only grew his love for design and technology. Later in life, he's had the privilege of influencing products used and loved by millions. These include Telenor, CSN, Sony, Rototilt, Amazon, Antagning, Fujitsu, Sogeti, Aftonbladet, Umeå Kommun, AKQA, Stena, Volvo and more.

Previously, Jonas served as art director and designer at Antagning and CSN. Two govern run websites with millions of yearly users all across the globe.

Away from the desk, Jonas is a professional volleyball player. As of early 2018, Jonas’s affinity for Mizuno has evolved into a partnership with the iconic brand. More on this on his Instagram.

Jonas's work has been published in Affärsliv24, Infotech, Awwwards and more.


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