The art of doing

By Jonas
October 1, 2022
2 min read

How do we begin to solve complex problems? How do we start? We all know it takes a lot of work, but what separates those that do from those who don't? A conversation that keeps repeating itself in different nuances.

Why is it so hard to do what we want to do?

Why don't we start?

I have done a lot of research on this, and I know what I need to do, but how do I start?

Let design drive the conversation.

Starting on a blank canvas can be daunting. Instead, start wherever your imagination takes you. When we read a book, we read from start to finish, one side to the other. Yet, to create your main characters, you sometimes start in the middle and work your way to the beginning or the end. Design is visual communication. It's hard to discuss a solution without anything to look at. Leave your ego out of it and use your early designs to drive the conversation. It's always better to look at something, even though it's not perfect.

Make up the story as you go. Imagine you are painting a landscape with a tree in the middle. You start to paint the landscape with broad strokes and finish the tree last.

Commit to a North Star.

The title you end up giving the project, whether it is your final title, is your North Star. You don't have to commit to a title early; your title will be born from your work.

Fall in love with solving the problem, not your solution. In design, we must set our egos aside and strive to solve the problem.

If you have an idea for an app, it doesn't need to be full of features. Start small and solve the most important things. And keep building towards your North Star.

Keep it simple.

Don't give yourself an excuse to procrastinate. Start small, simple, and find the balance of enough to move forward and stay inspired. But not too much to get overwhelmed and stuck.

The more you act, the more confident you feel.

The more you create, the easier it will get. You learn the power of imagination, and you begin to attack problems from every angle. Creating will add wood to your inner fire and give you joy. And your advantage lies in being curious about the future.

Thank you for reading! From time to time, I will share some things that seem to be working for me, in case you find them helpful. Reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn.